Saturday, October 8, 2011

Heart and Soul Happenings: National Spa Week

Heart and Soul Happenings: National Spa Week: Does this photo make you feel serene? How would a trip to a spa make you feel? Can you imagine yourself listening to the relaxing sound of...

National Spa Week

Does this photo make you feel serene?  How would a trip to a spa make you feel?  Can you imagine yourself listening to the relaxing sound of gentle rain, ocean waves, or the sounds of birds chirping?  I can.  What about the color green, how does it make you feel?  Hopefully relaxed.  Our eyes adjust very easily to green, because we are so used to seeing it in nature.  It's one of the most dominant colors we see on a regular basis.  Green, lavender and blue are considered the most relaxing colors.  When we started Heart & Soul, we chose shades of green intentionally for the walls and accent colors.  Many people have chosen green to paint their bedrooms and bathrooms in their homes because they want to create a place that they can unwind and feel like they are in nature or at a spa.  At Heart & Soul we do our best to create a relaxing atmosphere.  The treatment rooms have dim lighting to encourage relaxation.  Included in each treatment room is a Chakra candle, and a Himalayan crystal rock salt lamp.  Both help promote a sense of serenity.  They also help to balance and de stress your body, mind & spirit.  Each room is filled with the sounds of relaxing music as well.  Aromatherapy can be incorporated into many of our treatments.  Certain essential oils can actually help you to unwind.  Whether they are used on the body or diffused into the atmosphere, the natural aroma triggers something in our brain and our minds that relaxes us.  At Heart & Soul, services such as body scrubs and wraps, pedassages, hand scrubs and warm wax paraffin treatments can definitely make you feel pampered.  These treatments get blood flow to your extremities, can help detoxify your system, exfoliate and soften your skin.  If you are considering doing something special for yourself, a friend or a loved one, why not consider a spa service.  The treatments I've suggested can be done as individual services or combined with one of our many other treatments.  While some of these things can be done in your home, there's nothing quite like the feeling of treating yourself.  And while some may consider these services a luxury, every service we provide at Heart & Soul has benefits way beyond relaxation.  During National Spa Week, or really any time of the year... You will be amazed at how you feel when you experience any one of the amazing treatments at Heart & Soul!  We look forward to providing you a relaxing, reviving and rejuvenating experience in the near future!