Monday, March 23, 2015

Knowledge is Power...

Knowledge is Power... The more you know... #TMYK
Be your own advocate and #educate yourself.  When it comes to getting #Massage there are a few helpful things to consider when scheduling an appointment.  
Did you know that certain circumstances are contraindicated.  Sometimes people feel that getting a massage when they are sick will make them feel better, especially if they are experiencing muscle aches.  Most people usually say they don't want to get their therapist sick.  But the situation is that the massage will most likely make you feel worse, as it will force the infection throughout your entire body.  So it is suggested to wait until you are feeling better.  
We receive calls to book massage appointments periodically from someone who has just had a fall or has been involved in a motor vehicle accident.  Again, this could be contraindicated.  It is best to wait 3-4 days after an injury before scheduling a massage and that is provided that the injuries are not severe.  
Did you know that scheduling a massage less than 24 hours after you have received an injection of any kind is not good.  That includes numbing for dental procedures, nerve block injections, flu shots etc.  Massage moves blood and lymph fluid throughout our bloodstream and body.  Be sure to keep that in mind when you schedule an appointment.
Did you know that pregnant women need to be 12 weeks along to get a massage.  #Prenatal massage is very beneficial for mom and baby.  However, if you are experiencing a high risk pregnancy be sure to get cleared from your doctor first.
If you have recently had any type of surgical procedure or prolonged illness be sure to get clearance before you get a massage.
If you have been receiving treatment for cancer, also be sure to check with your doctor to make sure that massage is not contraindicated.
FYI-It is suggested that after a massage you drink up to a gallon of water with in 24 hours.  It will help to further detoxify the system, help with any possible soreness, and help lactic acid to not settle back into the muscles. 
Massage is a wonderful thing, it can be done as a stand alone or complimentary treatment for what ails you.  Just be sure that you take these things into consideration before scheduling.  Feel free to ask your therapist questions prior to scheduling, during or after your massage.  You'll be glad you did!