Saturday, October 5, 2013

What do you think of when you see this image?
Does it make you feel relaxed?
Maybe energized?
Did you know color can affect your mood.  Maybe you feel serene or inspired.  Blue is very calming.  It makes us think of the sky or the ocean.  The gold may make you think of the sun rising or setting.  The droplets of water may make you think of a gentle rain or a puddle of water.  All of the colors together may remind you of a rainbow.   Color is all around us and in us.  We all have energy centers in our body called Chakras.  Each center corresponds with a specific color.  The top of our head is violet, that is the Crown Chakra and has to do with higher self, spiritual wellbeing, wisdom, understanding and our Divine connection.  The Brow Chakra
(Third Eye) is dark indigo blue.  It relates to intuition, insight, imagination, and peace of mind.  The Throat Chakra is sky blue.  It is associated with creative expression of speech, peace, truth, communication and loyalty.  The Heart Chakra is green with pink as a secondary color.  It deals with unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, harmony and contentment.  The Solar Plexus Chakra is yellow.  It has to do with personal power, energy, laughter, warmth and self control.  The Naval Chakra is orange.  It is connected to giving and receiving emotions, desire, new ideas, health, family and surrender.  The Root or Base Chakra is red with black as a secondary color.  It deals with the material world/success, stability, security, grounding and individuality.  There are also powerful energy centers in the palms of our hands and the soles of our feet.  Many times when people have Reflexology, Reiki or Massage sessions they will actually see colors while their eyes are closed.  Being in that relaxed state helps them get in touch with these Chakra centers in their body.  The energy in various areas of the body is stimulated when receiving these treatments.  Maybe you or someone you know has had their aura read.  Maybe you've chosen to decorate a room based on the feeling you are trying to create.  Maybe you've even dressed in a certain color to create a specific mood or reaction.  It is said that if a Chakra is blocked something as simple as wearing the corresponding color, eating a food of that color or surrounding yourself in that color can actually help to open up that energy center.  Specific gem stones and minerals are also associated with these Chakras.  Consider wearing Blue Topaz for your Throat Chakra, or Rose Quartz to open your heart up.  Heart and Soul sells many loose stones like Amethyst and Rose Quartz.  We also have jewelry made of natural elements like stone and crystal.  We want to educate you about things that are connected to the body, mind and spirit.  We put a lot of thought and research into the services we offer and the items we sell.  In the near future we are hoping to bring on new services and educational talks.  If you would like additional information about any of our services, retail items or would like to participate in our yoga classes please visit our website or give us a call.  We are committed to offering things that will energize you, relax you, inspire you and inform you...  

Friday, August 9, 2013

Here we GROW again!
Heart and Soul Massage Therapy recently moved to a larger location!  We are so excited.  Our new space is just across the street from our original office and it's almost double the size!  This new location is giving us more opportunities than ever before!  We recently provided our first triple massage.  A client and her two granddaughters got to schedule together in the same room.  We recently hosted a grand re-opening open house.  We were able to show off this great new space.  Coming Soon- We are now able to provide Yoga and Tai Chi classes.  We are also hoping to bring on a variety of informal talks and workshops.   Presenting educational and enlightening topics to enhance your life and your wellbeing!  Some of the topics we'd like to focus on are: The Uses for Feng Shui and Color Therapy, The ABC's of Renewal, Healing through Artistic Expression- such as Journaling and Vision Boards, How to use Social Media sites for getting great health related information, Healthy Grocery Makeovers, and more!  If you would like to host an event for your friends, staff or co-workers at our office let us know.  We are also available to come to you.  We have staff members available to provide
On-Site Chair Massage and talk about a wide variety of topics from the benefits of Massage, Reiki, Reflexology and other services.  We can talk about the uses of Aromatherapy and the benefits of other natural products for use at home or in the office.  We can customize things to meet your specific needs. 
Heart and Soul is very excited that we will be celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary this fall!
We look forward to serving you!  Be sure to stop by our new office or schedule an appointment today.  As always we are committed to enriching your body, mind & spirit...

Friday, March 15, 2013

Treat your feet at Heart & Soul...

Did you know that we offer several services that treat your feet?
We have 45 minute Reflexology sessions that can be done as a stand alone service or tacked on to a 30 or 60 minute Massage.  Reflexology helps to improve circulation, detoxify and balance the entire body.  We have over 7000 nerve endings in the soles of our feet.  Not only does having our feet massaged feel good, it actually has many benefits.  You can also add on warm wax paraffin or hot stones to any Reflexology session or a Pedassage treatment. 
Our Pedassage is a 25 minute exfoliating foot scrub and foot massage.  It helps get blood flow to your extremities and stimulates nerve endings.  It also leaves your feet and calves feeling smooth and refreshed.  If you choose to add on warm wax paraffin, it usually remains on the feet for 20 minutes.  It helps to remove old skin cells, soften the skin and gets relaxing heat to the extremities.  It is very helpful for sore achy feet and conditions such as arthritis.  Hot stones can be incorporated into either of the foot treatments.  The stones have mineral properties that help to bring about balance in our system.  The deep penetrating heat also feels very relaxing.  The stones are usually applied for 7-10 minutes per foot.  We hope that you will consider trying some of these great options for your feet!  Relax, Revive and Rejuvenate today!