Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Solstice Staycation!

Happy Summer Solstice.  Heart & Soul is committed to enriching the body, mind & spirit.  We encourage our clients to try services and retail items that promote balance and tranquility.  Reflexology helps to increase energy flow to all of the organs in the body.  Reiki promotes healing through the use of Universal Life Force Energy.  Hot Stone Massage brings balance to the body using deep penetrating heat from warmed mineral stones.  Aromatherapy can be added to most of our services.  We offer relaxing, uplifting, and muscle ache blends.  The oils are also available for purchase for home use.  We have an all natural room clearing spray made with Lavender, Sage, Orange, Vetiver and Patchouli.  It can be sprayed in the home, office, car or on your person.  We also offer Yoga classes.  A great way for creating a harmonious mind body spirit connection.  We hope that you will consider scheduling yourself or someone else a relaxing treatment soon.  The more natural things you can incorporate into your lifestyle the better.  Our bodies are bombarded daily with toxins, pollution and artificial items.  We are exposed to chemicals, fumes, pesticides and many other unnatural products every day.  In order for our bodies to handle stress and function better we need to take care of them.  Do what you can to make changes to create a more holistic environment for yourself.  Consider adding a small water fountain or wind chimes inside or outside of your home or office.  Both create sound and movement which equals energy flow.  We have several wind chimes and fountains throughout our office space.  We also have Himalayan salt lamps everywhere in our office and have relaxing music playing in all of our treatment rooms and common areas.  This summer take a Staycation, come to Heart & Soul and do something special for yourself, you'll be glad you did!