Friday, September 19, 2014

Yoga for the body, mind & spirit...

September is National Yoga Month

Yoga is recognized for it's profound health benefits
Yoga encourages overall health and wellness
Yoga is a mind body practice that incorporates stretching, breathing and relaxation

Yoga helps create awareness and harmony in the body, mind and spirit
It creates inner peace and tranquility
It can help you to manage stress and develop 
coping skills

It improves respiration while increasing 
energy and vitality
It helps lower blood pressure and heart rate
It also helps you to focus on your breathing

Yoga can help relieve muscle tension and pain
It increases flexibility and strength
Yoga also helps to improve posture

It can help to reduce fatigue, anxiety and worry
It can also help you to concentrate better
and sleep more soundly
Yoga helps to improve quality of life

Yoga allows you to reconnect with yourself
It helps you to integrate sensory awareness into every day life
Yoga allows you to be mindful of being in the moment

Do yourself a favor and consider Yoga
Your body, mind and spirit will be glad you did!

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